SEO Help Tampa Florida, Do you need seo help for A small business? I am an seo expert located in spring hill Florida 34610 and I can help get your website seen by more people through the search engines. Since the google penguin update you can no longer rank your website unless you have a huge diversity of high quality backlinks.

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I have the special skills it takes to get your website to the top of Google and other search engines. My style of building backlinks have had a lot of successful page one rankings. The way I build my backlinks with huge diversity in links and domain IP’s makes everything look completely natural in the eyes of google.


The key to building good backlinks is quality content mixed with the right anchor text linking back to your website,social media accounts and other content around the web that links back to you.




Below is an example of me building one back link!


This is the domain  now I need to find what keywords people are typing or saying into the search engines.


Keyword Examples: County Judge, running for County Judge in Pasco County,


Both of these keywords are on the website County Judge is probably not a good keyword for us to try and rank for seeing how Tremblay is not yet a County Judge.


[Running for county judge in pasco county] This is what we call a Longtail Keyword this would be a great keyword phrase to rank for. Why! People are more likely to type or say this in google.


How I build backlinks (SEO Help Free)

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PBN’S (Private blog Network) just a fancy way of saying a .com  This is the best place to start.

Example of a PBN


Now that I have the URL the keyword [Running for county judge in pasco county] The PBN website I own this website and many more.


I write a 300-500 word article the more words and useful content the better,the basic is 300-500. The article has to have good On Page SEO with the anchor text being  [Running for county judge in pasco county]




This would be the URL I would have the article at. In this article you would link back to with the keyword [Running for county judge in pasco county]


This is just one example of a backlink you repeat this process over and over again with unique quality content. Across a lot of different websites.

What I Need To Get Your Website Ranking In Google


3-5 keywords


There is so much that goes into building quality backlinks. I take pride in the work I do everything is 100% legal and I never spam any website or email address. I can provide reports that show everywhere a backlink was built.


I hope this helped you understand how websites climb the Google ladder. I can meet with you to go over the strategy of building these backlinks which in return will give your website a huge online presence.


SEO help Tampa Florida


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