How many words should be in a blog post:

Blog Post Word Count:

We have done a lot of research on this topic and have found that around 1,500 words is the right amount of words to be in a blog post article. Some people say 2,500 words is the correct amount!

I Know! Seems like a lot:

Headline count: 8- 12 words and under 70 letters (Characters)

Blog Post: 1,500 or about 7 minutes of read time

Title Tag: 70 letters or less

Meta Description: Google wants 155 or less

With the numbers being what they are you have to factor in what your blog post is targeting. For example if your trying to get organic search traffic then you need to stick with these numbers. If you trying for social media shares then you can lower the number of words. And remember twitter only allows 140 letters and out of those letters you have to factor in the URL

Blog post word count




How long should A Facebook post be?

This gets a little tricky the Max a Facebook post can be is 63,000 letters I don’t think your going to have to worry about going over that. Now the right amount for a status update is 40 letters and for a video about 35 seconds.

Quick tip about videos on facebook:

The videos start out muted so when your sharing a video keep that in mind so you can make sure that the image for the video is attention getting.

Twitter is a whole new ball game:

We love twitter here at Rocket Marketing 

With that being said there is so much that goes into a tiny little tweet! First off you can only have 140 letters now if your re-tweeting something you only get 116 letters. To be safe stay at 120 letters that’s including the URL now factor in the #hashtag if possible keep it under 10 letters and have one max two tags per tweet. When it comes to video twitter is perfect 30 seconds. Twitter Tip upload videos more.

Have you heard of Kim Garst? She is the Social Media Queen and she has a book all about twitter and it’s only 5 dollars buy it you will be so glad you did. Twitter is a awesome social media outlet once you know all the tiny details you will become a twitter Rockstar

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Blog post word count: 1,600

Facebook word count: 63,000 (40 letters when sharing a status)

Twitter: 140 letters (RT 116 max)





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Blog post word count
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